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The name Gamine Leather stands for high-quality leather goods that are ethically sourced and socially sustainable. Our leather comes exclusively from European tanners, mostly from Germany. Here hides are used that come from the meat industry and use part of the animal that would otherwise go to waste. In this way, we can work in a resource-oriented manner and avoid raising livestock exclusively for the procurement of leather.

Sustainability also means social responsibility. German tanneries, like all other companies in Germany, must adhere to the strict national labour laws. Employees receive living wages and their working environment is safe. This is in stark contrast to many tanneries in Asian countries, which supply around 80% of the world’s leather.

High quality leather is an ecological choice considering leather alternatives. Plastics and synthetic textiles, also called vegan leather, are often made from fossil fuels (PVC and polyurethane), generate a high CO2 footprint during their production and are not biodegradable. Products made with these artificial materials have a shorter lifespan. In contrast, real quality leather develops a coveted patina, making them more beautiful with use and age.

And that’s where our mission comes in. We create lifestyle pieces that last a lifetime and become favorites due to their high functionality and versatility. Our products, although very functional, are designed with a playful simplicity, making it a pleasure to use them every day.